Watch Pokemon Episode 653 Online and See How the Sinnoh Journey Comes To an End!

How far would you go to chase your dream of becoming what you aspire to be? What if it takes not only strength, but also courage, sacrifice and unfading passion? Meet Ash, the leading character of Pokemon, who is hell bent to become the world’s greatest Pokemon master. Accompanying him on his journey are his friends, Brock and Misty. If anime is what you love, Pokemon teams it up with elements of action, science fiction, adventure and above all, emotions.

If you still haven’t watched this wonderful series ever, you’re missing something really great. Pokemon is one show which keeps you so engrossed throughout its duration, that you can’t help but neglect everything else around you. Moreover, the show is so addictive, that once you start off with it, you just can’t keep yourself from catching all the episodes that you can lay your hands on. Considering how popular Pokemon is among kids as well as grown-ups, the fact that the show has an ongoing fourteenth season, doesn’t come as a total surprise. With Ash Ketchum and his dearest Pokemon Pikachu creating nothing less than magic, the series has an endless fan-following. Catch Pokemon episodes and be a part of Ash’s journey as he refuses to quit before he achieves what he desires.

The latest batch of anime fun, which is better known as Pokemon 653 “Memories are Made of Bliss!”, marks the end of the Sinnoh journey. Pokemon 653 will be seen dealing with Pilpup’s running away and being found later, by Pikachu, Togekiss and Staraptor. Before everyone could jump in joy, the four will be seen caught by Team Rocket, who is later brought down by Ash and his friends, who rescue them. The title, “Memories are Made of Bliss” suits perfectly, as Ash, Brock and Dawn bid adieu to each other and their team splits up, so that each of them can pursue what he wants to.

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