AM98A Android Tablet Six Hightlights – Enrich Your Life

M98A is a stylish Tablet PC that Positioning for entry-level, its compact design with the white color which makes the main-panel looks more fashionable. It is loaded with Android 2.1, thin seashells design, wireless wifi, 2G RAM, and its 7-inch LCD high-definition touchscreen is satisfactory enough to watch all kinds of movies.

M98A Highlights:
1. Simple interface of Android 2.1 system
Look at the interface of M98A, we can found that the lock screen mode and standby mode of M98A is similar as Android phones, I think android phone users will be not familiar with this, just need gently sliding to enter the M98A’s interface.
After the unlock, we see the M98A’s desktop. Applications that are often used has been on the table, the device is still not support voice calls, but the dial key also appears in the standby desktop. There are also contacts, browser, maps, navigation, and other common applications.
2. Cannot make call but can store contacts
Although M98A tablet has not yet supported voice calls, it can save your contacts, this can let you easy to find and contact your friends and family. Through contacts we can easily customize contacts to M98A tablet, according to the prompt you can simply build new contact records.
Click Menu, we can see the search contacts, create, display options, and account management design, of course, through export and import options we can also back up our contacts in order to avoid loss. After the establishment of contacts we can fill in the contact’s name, phone and other information, of course, we can add the option for the contacts to add more labels, such as your friends not only have one phone, we can add more phone tags for him.
3. Support mobile TV function
Mobile TV as one of the important functions of tablet PCs, it is very practical for travelers. M98A can not only solve the problem of watching television, but also it can let us chat online. It supports ROCK customized version mobile TV software, so we can see mobile TV on this Tablet at anytime, anywhere.
4. Support multi-format video playback
Of course, Tablet PC’s video playback capabilities is great importance for many users, and this M98A Tablet PC also supports 720p video playback, thanks to the use of Rockchip RK2818 , the decoding function of M98A is also very good.
5. Practical e-book reader
It is simple to operation when reading, it can be adjusted to the appropriate mode for your eye through the night mode, the scroll design also allows users reading without turning pages. Switch horizontal screen, set the labels feature also let users to read e-books more convenient.
6. Network functions and software applications
M98A Tablet PC has a very powerful networking feature, it can be achieved 3G Internet access by an external 3G module, addition, we also can use Wi-Fi to experience the network. Through built-in browser, we can easily access the network, but the built-in browser function key is not very rich, so if consumers want access to the Internet , you can install other browsers.

The above highlights are some features of M98A, there are also many practical features for users. Use this M98A Tablet PC, enrich your life!